Choosing a Martial Art Style

You have a lot of disciplines to choose from when your looking for martial arts. You have stand up only martial arts, grappling only martial arts and mixed martial arts. A lot of time its going to come down what style you prefer but most importantly the environment that you learning in. I always recommend that you go in and check out different schools to get a feel for the instructors and the students. Also make sure its a clean facility, make sure its a certified school, black belt instructors and interview the students to see what they think about the school, see what they feel like they’re getting of the program.

You have a lot of martial arts that are based on theory and you also have martial arts practical tested. What I mean by that is punching the air over and over again isn’t the best to learn the technique you need to be hitting mitts, kick pads, bags and working your technique. If you’re doing grappling you need to learn submission holds and be able to apply them against a resisting opponent so you can make sure your technique works.


How Martial Arts Can Build Confidence

A healthy self confidence equips you to deal with the challenges of life effectively, to communicate and self-express without hesitation, to achieve your goals and in doing so improve your self-image exponentially. Martial arts training not only keeps you fit and healthy but teach you the coping mechanism needed to deal with stress which has become a persistent part of our lives today. It helps you find your inner self as you gain a good sense of who you are, where you are going and where you have been.

Confident Body Posture

Lack of confidence and poor posture go together. Slouching, shuffling or refusing to meet others eyes are non-verbal clues that project insecurity and poor confidence. Martial arts help you acquire a better posture so that you exude pride in yourself and confidence in your abilities. Such go-getters are good at social interaction and leadership.

Calm Reactions

Martial arts help you to deal better with external stimuli. Consequently you stop your knee-jerk reactions which signify lack of control over the situation and over yourself. By achieving mental calm and centering your thoughts you can cope level-headed with exigencies.

Resilience and Focus

You learn to gauge the actions of your opponent and prepare to take action accordingly. Just like a fight can take unforeseen turns, life too throws many challenges at us but if you train in martial arts you have the ability to deal with them and above all spring back in action even when you met with defeat. This way you learn resilience and the ability to deal with setbacks and failures.

Goal Setting

Single minded focus and discipline are the hallmarks of martial arts. These two qualities are essential in order to set long and short term goals and also in achieving them. The clarity of mind achieved as you rise through the competency banishes fears and inadequacies that plague us all. Success leads to a sense of confidence and prepares a person to be ready to face obstacles and pitfalls.

Stress Busting

Martial arts training can give you the ability to understand the causes of your stress. You will be able to learn the basic principles of minimizing those factors and working through problems in a positive manner. Training will sharpen your decision making abilities and enhance self-management skills that are needed to develop effective stress coping mechanisms. The feeling of helplessness and powerlessness in stressful situation is replaced with confidence and proactive attitude.

An applied education in physical, mental and spiritual health is great for self improvement no matter what age you are. Martial arts is more about personal growth and development than seeking self-satisfaction. They can be physically challenging and get you to a better shape. As a bonus you will find ways to focus your mind which further enhance your powers of perception and awareness.

If you can learn to achieve the “no mind” state, you will have a mind and body so well trained that they move in tandem with each other. So enjoy each level of martial arts training at www.muaythaiwarrior.com as you move up.

Mixed Martial Arts Gaining Massive Momentum

No one could have predicted the sudden attention that mixed martial arts has been getting over the last decade or so. When John McCain sanctioned a campaign targeted towards banning the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the United States, it seemed to be a move that would spell doom for the MMA community. It was the most popular mixed martial arts event in the world. However, like one of its many heroes, over the last few years MMA has risen back on its feet, experiencing something of a revival. It has now grown far beyond a single event like the Ultimate Fighting Championship turning into a lifestyle for many individuals globally.

What’s So Special About MMA?

Initially, when the Ultimate Fighting Championship began, it used the fact that MMA had no rules as a promotional vehicle to spark interest. There have been some basic rules introduced into the sport over time. But its key appeal lies in the fact that fighters from all over the world, with different martial arts disciplines, can come together to determine which fighting style will prevail. Fighters build brands and identities based on their particular fighting styles, and fans grow to love the martial art just as much as their fighter heroes.

The interest that MMA has gained over the last few years has now developed into something much more. Many MMA schools and academies have been set up that offer training programs open to anyone and everyone. These schools send out a message to MMA aficionados that says “MMA is far more than a sport; it is a way of living.” MMA is as much about training the mind as it is the body. It should come as no surprise that the UFC is currently the world’s fastest growing organization.

One of the main reasons why MMA has become so popular in recent years is because of the challenge it sets for individuals. Unlike many other sports, MMA can’t be practiced unless you commit both your body and mind. It is a holistic endeavor that encourages you to maintain a healthy diet, a healthy routine, and a healthy mind-space. In creating this balance for themselves, individuals develop a character that holds them in good stead, no matter what they aspire to do in the future. Simply put, MMA training helps you actualize your maximum potential.

M.A.D About MMA

As a natural consequence of this spike in popularity, MMA enthusiasts are keen to develop their own communities that have their own identities. A number of MMA clothing brands have now set up shop within the global marketplace precisely to serve the identity-building interests of these communities. Nowadays, fighters have the opportunity to use style and clothing to create their MMA identities, just as efficiently as they use their skills to do so.

The sport of mixed martial arts has been one of the fastest growing sports that the world has seen. The identity that MMA has built will keep on improving through out the years, and we may even see it catch up to some of the top sporting organizations.